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A practice is important for young journalists. They need to improve their media skills, regularly create content, and improve the quality of materials, having the opportunity to interact with professionals. The All-Russian Youth Forum “Media Olympus” is perfect place where journalists can do it.

The forum united young TV journalists, who create video content in youth media and student media at the Russian universities. Operators, film editors, correspondents attend the three days intensive courses. Media professionals give a series of master classes, they talk about operator skills, correspondent work, design and direction. After that participants will have practice, they should perform creative tasks. Their work will be evaluated by experts, and students will get professional advice.

In the first day of festival was visited by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of IAST Veniamin Kaganov, Tver Region Governor Igor Ruden, the Deputy Chairman of the regional government Andrey Belotserkovsky.

The honored guests gave a speech. Veniamin Kaganov tasked with performing creative work, that have important meaning for society.

He said: “Maybe one of you will be interested in creating materials on the topic “Tver is a touristic town for Russian student and young people from other countries . You should show and tell about this city, about its unique features, and why tourists should visit this city.

The participants perform creative works on the next topics: “Tver is creative town “, “Tver is touristic town”, “Tver is sports city “, “Tver is city for young people”. The participants create videos and present them on the final day.

“I have no doubt that the forum will become a place for a substantive discussion about the prospects and tasks in creating media content, and will have opportunity for professional growth. Sincerely I wish all participants to achieve high professional results! “- said Tver Region Governor Igor Rudeni.

“The future begins today,” said Andrei Belotserkovsky. After the event, you will become another person.

Participants work in film crews. This studies them to work together, interact with colleagues and organize teamwork.

“You can yourself be a director, a correspondent, an film editor, but teamwork is important in media sphere,” said Vladimir Kosenchuk, the executive director of IAST.

The first day of the Forum was full of master classes. Vladimir Kosenchuk spoke about the development of the television industry, as well as the most important rules that a TV journalist should know. The coordinator of the projects of IAN “Russia Today” Alexey Barybin told about the interaction of the correspondent and the operator on the set. The first deputy executive director of IAST Sergey Kosenchuk gave a master class for correspondents, and the director for the development of production studio “Art -Msk”. The director of news programs, TV journalist Valery Bogatov told how to make a news story.

All-Russian Youth Forum “Media Olympus” will finish on July 3rd, 2017. The organizers of the Forum are Tver State Technical University and the International Association of Students Television. The forum is held within realization of the Program of students’ associations development for 2017 by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.