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The All-Russian Youth Forum “Media Olympus” was held in Tver from June 30 to July 3, 2017. For three days participants were taking part in workshops and talking with experts and colleagues from different parts of Russia, as result young journalists have acquired new competencies. This knowledge will help them to formation of a truly professional and to buildingthe successful career advancement. The forum was attended by young television journalists representing more than 30 Russian universities.

The All-Russian Youth Forum “Media Olympus” is unique in that it was aimed at providing more hours of students’ practice.

Leading media experts held the workshops:

  • Vladimir Kosenchuk, the executive director of IAST;
  • Alexey Barybin, coordinator of the projects of IAN “Russia today”;
  • Anton Krasilnikov, chief director of news “Vesti” of VGTRK;
  • Valeriy Bogatov, head of the department for video marketing at the production studio “Art-Msk”;
  • Pavel Boreyko, head of the department for marketing and external relations of the “Digital Television” of VGTRK;
  • Maxim Sharafutdinov, presenter of newscasts of “the First Channel”.

Media experts told about the secrets of television design and branding, about directing news, and about the basic rules and principles of work in TV journalism. Also they shared their impressions from competition works and selected the 4 best video presentation.

Valery Bogatov believes, that all guys have different knowledge and possibilities. “ In my opinion, we can identify the best young journalists who are able to work on TV now,”- he said. «I am glad that students’ standups are quite emotional and dynamic that it will be exactly interesting to the audience”,- Alexey Barybin said. Vladimir Kosenchuk noted that this forum provides professional training which is difficult to obtain in everyday life.

“You will not get yourself the such knowledge that professionals share experiences and expertise on our Forum ,” Vladimir Evgenievich emphasized. “Based on their advice, you can improve your professional skills.

“There is an individuality in all television programs,”- Anton Krasilnikov commented. – At the same time, there is a common mistake.The students didn’t comply with tempo-rhythm. The tempo-rhythm makes 3-minute story more dynamic, that’s why we are watching it like a 30-second “.

The winners of the All-Russian Youth Forum ” Media Olympus” were :

  1.  Alina Zvyagina (Lipetsk State Technical University);
  2.  Sergei Yulbaev (Lipetsk State Technical University);
  3.  Ekaterina Samoylenko (Saint-Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television);
  4.  Veronika Maksimova (Saint-Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television);
  5. Anastasia Vasilyeva (Saint-Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television);
  6. Svetlana Nikitina (Saint-Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television);
  7.  Irina Popova (T.F. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University;
  8. Evgeny Klykov (T.F. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University).

The All-Russian Youth Forum “Media Olympus” was held for young television journalists from Russia. The goals of Forum are the identification of the best young media workers of Universities who work in the field of television journalism, the union of students and media experts on the same educational platform, improvement of professional capabilities and skills of media workers.

It is important to note that people, who couldn’t take part in Forum, were watching online workshops and master classes. In general, the live broadcastings were being watched by more than 30 000 people.

The organizers of the Forum are Tver State Technical University and the International Association of Students Television. The forum is held within realization of the Program of students’ associations development for 2017 by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.